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Use Passbook for iOS to manage tickets

Updated: Jul 17, 2013

  • Frequently asked questions about Passbook and Eventbrite


FAQs about Passbook


What is Passbook? And what all can it do?

Passbook is an iOS 6 feature available for iPhone and iPod Touch (currently unavailable for the iPad). Passbook stores a variety of gift cards, boarding passes and event tickets. Go here for more general information about Passbook.

Add your Eventbrite tickets and registrations to Passbook to store everything in a single place!


FAQs about using Passbook and Eventbrite


How do I add tickets to Passbook?

When in the Eventbrite app, go to the Ticket Info screen to view the barcode of the ticket you'd like to add to Passbook. To do this, first tap My Tickets at the bottom of the screen if it isn't already selected.

On the My Tickets screen, tap the name of the event.

Tap View Ticket(s) to go to the Ticket Info screen and display the barcode(s) for your ticket(s).

On the Ticket Info screen, tap the Add to Passbook icon above View Tickets to open the Add to Passbook screen. 

Next tap the Add button. Your ticket will be downloaded to Passbook and when you see your ticket in Passbook, tap Add in the upper right to complete the addition.


Note: You can also add tickets to Passbook after completing your order on an iOS 6 device. Simply tap the Add to Passbook button on the order confirmation page in Safari (not available for all events).

If you access your order confirmation email on an iOS 6 device, you can also add your tickets to Passbook by tapping Add to Passbook in the order confirmation email itself.


How do I add multiple tickets from a single order to Passbook?

If you're in the Eventbrite app, you'll need to add each ticket in the order individually by following the directions in #1 above for each ticket.

If you're on an iOS 6 device and on the order confirmation page in Safari, or viewing the order confirmation email, you'll be prompted to choose which ticket(s) you'd like to add after tapping Add to Passbook.


If I ordered multiple tickets, how can I distribute them to other people?

Forward the order confirmation email that you received to your party. Those using an iOS 6 device will be able to add to Passbook.


Note: Apple doesn't prevent two different users on separate devices from adding the same ticket. Make sure to tell those in your party which ticket(s) in the order they should use.


After adding a ticket to Passbook, when do I get alerted?

For passes added before July 17, 2013, Apple determines the appropriate time to display a notification based on the start date and time of the event. For passes added on or after July 17, 2013, Passbook Lock screen notifications are not supported.


How do I disable Passbook Lock screen notifications?

To disable Passbook Lock screen notifications for a pass, tap the information icon at the bottom right of the pass, which will show you the back side of the pass, and switch the Show On Lock Screen setting to Off.


Does the ticket update after it's added to Passbook?

You can manually update a ticket in Passbook by going to the Eventbrite app and re-adding an existing ticket that has been updated in the app, as detailed in #1 above.

(We're working on enabling auto-updates via the Eventbrite app!)


I accidentally deleted a ticket in Passbook. Can I re-add?

Yes! You can add it back by following the instructions in #1 above.


I love these tickets! How can I get the Eventbrite app?

While viewing a ticket in Passbook, tap the "i" in the bottom right to flip the ticket. At the top, there's a button to download the app from the App Store or to open it (if it's already installed). You can also download the app by going here.

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